A Summer to Celebrate!  

MOPS Staff

Did you have one of those darling little kindergartners waving at you from stage in a cap and gown this year? Or maybe your graduate was a little bigger and he made you an empty nester with that proud wave from stage. The whirlwind of May with all its milestones and celebrations has passed, and now we’re all trying to rally for a new summer season. Moms often get left behind to tidy up, hold the memories and marvel at how fast time flies. Then we wake up the next day and start from scratch to prepare for the next big thing. This time, let’s just roll right into summer with that same nostalgic vibe that makes everything feel special. From the hot lazy afternoons at the pool to that epic vacation you’ve been planning for years, let’s find the sacred in every summer day. So put your dancing shoes back on and spread the word that the after-party is at your place. Here are a few ways to make any type of summer worth celebrating.  

Think in Polaroids: It’s easy to remember the exciting days, but we want you to live in the mundane moments as if they were a scratchy reel of film or a shoebox of old Polaroids. The image of your toddler drenched in purple popsicle playing in your backyard, or your big kid dozing beside you at the pool are just as precious on that reel of film as zip lining together on vacation. Laugh at the dog drinking the sprinkler water out of midair. Don’t move too quickly to the next thing.  

Embrace your pace: Whether you do a quiet Father’s Day at home in pajamas, or throw a neighborhood Fourth of July party that makes the history books, make sure the occasion fits the tone and needs of your family life. Don’t be afraid to take your family pulse throughout the summer and change plans accordingly.   

Splash in some surprise: You don’t have to have a massive vacation budget or big plans every weekend to say yes to some of the things you would never agree to during the year. Sleeping in the backyard, ice cream for breakfast and using all the sheets to turn the living room into a fort? That’s the stuff of a good childhood right there.  

Whether this is a summer of lasts or firsts, or just the moments in between, plan on it being a summer to celebrate. It’s your party, so go ahead and announce the theme, throw those decorations back up and enjoy watching the memories unfold.  

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