9 Best Summer Adventures with Toddlers 

Tiffany Gunther

Summer adventures with toddlers are a lot of fun. Your kids are only this young once, so cherish the moments. It doesn’t matter whether your adventures are near, far, simple or extravagant. Just remember that you are creating memories that will last a lifetime. Here are 9 best summer adventures with toddlers.

It is amazing how many unique activities you can experience close to home. With a bit of preparation, you can fill your summer plans with incredible adventures that the whole family will enjoy.  

1. Have an Outdoor Picnic. 

Picnics are a simple and fun activity to have with toddlers. There is something about packing an easy lunch and eating it outside with family that makes it much more enjoyable. Find a great nature spot that has an activity you can do. This can be near a lake, playground, hiking area or the ocean. Enjoy your picnic on a blanket, followed by playtime.  

2. Camp in Your Backyard. 

Backyard camping is fun and a great practice run before a real camping trip with kids. Plan for an adventure outside with your kids throughout the day and overnight without going back inside. You can get fun activity books to discover different bugs and rocks in your backyard. You can also do a scavenger hunt with different animal toys that are hidden around the yard.  

3. Enjoy a Bike Ride. 

Bike trailers are the best for taking toddlers on a bike ride. Get the helmets ready and find a path with enjoyable views. Pack the sunscreen, water and snacks and have some playtime at a park. Don’t forget to stop for ice cream on the way back! 

4. Discover New Parks. 

If you visit the same parks with your toddlers frequently, summer might be a time to switch it up. Search for playgrounds near you or in another area. Map out different locations to try a new park every week. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you could even hop from one park to the next in one day.  

5. Go on a Road Trip. 

Taking your toddlers on a road trip doesn’t have to be difficult if you plan it well. Leave early when the kids are still sleeping, and bring plenty of snacks, toys and activities. The possibilities are endless with travel. You can take your kids to the mountains or the beach for the first time. You can visit family. You can rent an RV. You can even find a unique stay like a treehouse or yurt.  

6. Visit State Parks/Reservoirs. 

You can visit state parks throughout the year with a state park pass. Depending on the location, they have camping, hiking, boating, water sports, a swim beach and off-leash dog areas. You can spend hours with the whole family enjoying different activities at a state park.  

7. Go Star Gazing. 

Drive to a nature spot on a clear night for star gazing. You can bring blankets, pillows and even a telescope if you have one. Take a printout or book of different constellations that you and your kids can search for together. If you are lucky, you might even spot a shooting star.  

8. Visit the Zoo. 

Kids are fascinated by animals. Visiting the local zoo is a great summer adventure. There is so much to see and learn. You can make it a fun experience by having an animal checklist prepared. The kids will get excited about checking off the different animals as they see them. 

9. Go to a Water Park. 

Visiting a water park is the perfect summer adventure for toddlers. It is a great way to cool off on a hot summer day. Water parks usually have a great kiddie pool area for young children. Of course, we can’t forget to mention that they have ice cream and funnel cakes.  

We hope you enjoyed this list of the 9 Best Summer Activities for Toddlers. Get outside and enjoy the sunshine with those kiddos. The summers always go by so quickly! 

This article was written by Tiffany Gunther. Tiffany is on the MOPS leadership team at a church in Littleton, Colorado. She enjoys family adventures with her husband and two daughters. She hopes to inspire other moms to live with adventure throughout her blog, Destination Momhood 

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