How to Build Your Family’s Unique Summer-Fun Bucket List

Elizabeth Billups

Summer is finally here. Thank goodness. But now you’re starting to hear increasingly urgent (and quite frankly aggravating) inquiries of “What are we going to do today?!? I’m so BORED!

If this sounds familiar, it’s time to take just 30 minutes to build your family’s very own summer-fun bucket list so a great idea will always be at your fingertips.

  • Track down a pack of recipe cards or cut letter-sized paper into thirds.
  • Give everyone in the family a pencil and 10 cards.
  • Ask everyone to put one summer-fun idea on each card (young kids can draw pictures). Remind everyone to get creative and be specific. For example, instead of writing down “go to the zoo,” instead write “see a zebra.”

Here are some questions and ideas to get you started, but don’t stop here … the best ideas will be your ideas!

What are your favorite foods (including dessert!)? Which ones would be fun to learn how to make yourself? I’m thinking ice cream!
What are your favorite ways to get exercise? (Ride a bike, swim, or play at the playground?)
What are your favorite things to do inside and outside? (Visit the library, watch a movie, go swimming, or wade in a river?)
What would you like to learn how to do (Land a great cart wheel, learn to play the ukulele, or learn to hold your breath under water for 20 seconds?)
What are your favorite animals, and which have you never seen in person?
What haven’t you done before (Skip a rock on a lake, visit a waterfall, explore a cave, create a daisy necklace, or go fishing?)

  • Play tourist in your hometown. Get ideas from your local tourism organization or convention and visitor’s bureau. Staycation, here we come!
  • Collect idea cards and assign a $, $$ or $$$ to reflect how expensive the activity is. This is also your chance to filter out any ideas you don’t want included in your buckets, but remember to keep an open mind … jumping in muddy puddles is messy, but so much fun!
  • Fold the cards and sort them by cost into three small buckets.

The next time you are wondering what to do, decide how much money you want to spend and have the kids take turns drawing out an idea card from the appropriate bucket. Before drawing out the idea card, remind everyone “we get what we get, and we don’t throw a fit!”

Email us a picture of your family experiencing your most creative summer-fun ideas, so we can share them with other moms.

Have a great time turning moments into memories. Happy Summer from MOPS!

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