Sometimes a mom needs …

The MomCo Staff

Sometimes a mom needs a break. Sometimes she needs a meal or someone to help her clean her house. Sometimes she needs someone to sit with her while she processes, grieves or wrestles with a decision. 

But sometimes a mom needs …  

  • To be reminded that she has profound influence in the world. When moms get involved, things change for the better and communities are empowered. 
  • Us to focus on the things we all agree on (rather than pointing out our disagreements), and we all agree that we need to know we aren’t alone. 
  • Real connection and community. She needs another mom to understand when she says that some days are easy, and everything seems to fall into place perfectly, but other days are hard, and she feels like she is just barely scraping by. 
  • Other moms to recognize that different opinions are okay. And she doesn’t need us to water things down or avoid difficult conversations. 
  • To know she won’t be judged or shamed because someone doesn’t feel the same way or would make a different decision.  
  • Us to maintain love and respect for each other, even when we disagree. 
  • Someone to tell her to keep going, even when she feels like she’s not doing a good job.  
  • To see what it looks like to cherish both good and bad moments. 
  • To be reminded that even though there may be moments we don’t enjoy, motherhood is always worth it.  

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