The Leading Lady Needs a New Do!

Brit Tashjian

Every mom I know right now could use a new do. And I don’t mean the kind where your toddler covers your eyelids with blue glitter shadow while you try and doze on the couch. I’m talking about the kind of refresh that will give you the verve to keep going. A seasonal sprucing of your routine and priorities can make all the difference between feeling like you’re stuck in a rerun or starting a new season as the main character. So tell your adorable daughter to put that makeup on someone else because you’re off the couch and on your way to a new do.  

Give your mindset a callback.  

First things first, you have to believe that you are worth taking care of. Not as a reward for getting everything done, or losing the baby weight, or ticking off a to-do list. You’re simply worthy of care and wellness. Just like you can’t fill someone’s bucket when there’s nothing in yours, you can’t give value to your people when you aren’t feeling it yourself. 

Send your skincare routine to makeup.  

You’ve seen the funny memes that say, “If you wore these shoes from the 90s, it might be time for a night serum.” Rummage through your makeup bag and skincare shelf. If you’ve been using the same cover stick since your epic breakout of sophomore year, or your face wash reminds you of your sorority days, it’s time for some upgrades. Get online to find a roundup of products that fit your needs and your price point. Then make a plan for what you will realistically incorporate each day and purchase accordingly. Even tailoring a few products and upping your consistency of care will restore a little bit of that natural glow you’ve missed.  

Meet with your inner wellness coach.  

If you’re splurging on $5 protein drinks for your picky breakfast eaters and obsessing about their sleep schedules and milestones, but not even taking a vitamin for yourself, it’s time to reevaluate. Jot down some notes about your health this last year. How would you rate your immune function, your hormone stability and your energy levels? Are you fitting in any movement or strength training? Would you have space for it if you wanted to? Look up the annual appointments recommended for a woman your age and book one this week. Even if you only end up making a commitment to a collagen creamer in your coffee or a new probiotic greens powder mixed into an afternoon smoothie, you’ve tuned in to your health and started taking care of the queen of the castle.  

Give your budget a blowout.  

It’s time to comb through your spending from roots to ends. I’m not interested in how much you spent on organic apples or whether you send your kids to public or private school. I want to know where the recreational dollars are going. As much as your third grader would be great on a travel debate team or your 11-year-old just has to get a parkour coach, it’s important that you engage in activities you enjoy. When was the last time you spent money on brunch with a friend or made it to one of the women’s retreats you always bookmark for later but never attend? It’s certainly not a competition, but it would be refreshing to claim a balance over the family fun.  

Send yourself to wardrobe.  

Is your fourth grader wanting a new backpack midyear just for fun when your own purse still has ice cream stains from your Disney trip two summers ago? Your needs should be on equal rotation with the rest of the family. There’s no shame in wearing yoga pants every day if that’s your thing, just be sure they fit well and help you think of yourself and your day with confidence. We know we need to take care of ourselves so we can take care of them, but it’s another thing entirely to make practical changes in our daily lives. It’s time to write yourself back into the family script. The entire cast will thank you!  

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