MOMcon Top 10

Chris Moss

In the spirit of David Letterman, who has nothing to do with MOMcon, but everything to do with the generation of Mentors we are, let’s do the rundown of the best reasons this Mentor Mom is going to MOMcon. Alright, here we go …

10. It’s a chance to knock Louisville, KY off your bucket list. It’s not on your bucket list? Maybe it should be, but you won’t know until you GO!

9. The Mom-watching is excellent! Moms who have a hot meal, a long shower and a good night’s sleep are amazing creatures! You have to see the energy level and creativity to believe it!

8. Vertical Worship! Did you hear me? Vertical Worship! If you don’t know who they are or what they sing, download their stuff and get ready for awesome worship! You will impress the young moms if you know this stuff.

7. There is a MOPS Mentor track this year! Elisa Morgan, Cathy Penshorn and Tracy Solomon share the art of mentorship. In addition, there will be a panel of Mentors discussing your burning questions!

6. The lineup of speakers and topics is so comprehensive, I don’t even know where to start! Cari Jenkins (the big table lady), David Thomas and Sissy Goff (raising boys and girls experts),  Elisa Morgan (talking about prayer)! There’s so many more!

5. I promise you’ll make a new friend or two (or 10)! There are so many workshops and breaks throughout the weekend that you’ll have time to invite a friend to join you in whatever you do!

4. THE EXHIBITORS! They bring out the good stuff and offer discounts! Every mom-related thing you can imagine is there: prizes for your MOPS group’s giveaways, or little gifts for the moms at your table. I have bought some of my favorite scarves and T-shirts at MOMcon.

3. The biggest mom dance party is so much fun! I promise you, the music and the atmosphere is an effective anti-aging method that is worth the cost of admission! You will dance like a teenager again! And there will be video footage to prove it!

2. Jesus is glorified at MOMcon by a younger generation of moms. And when they leave, they take all that they’ve learned across the world to share more of Jesus with other moms and their families.

And the #1 reason why this Mentor Mom is going to MOMcon 2018 …

1. You will be transformed into the MOPS Mentor that you were meant to be! And YOU will change the world, one mom, one family at a time!

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Chris Moss is a 15-year MOPS Mentor and currently leads a group of nine Mentors who serve the MOPS groups at Sun Valley Community Church in Gilbert, AZ. She speaks regularly at MOPS groups all over Arizona and whenever she isn’t having a coffee date with a mom, she blogs about the importance of intergenerational communication, and mentoring with hope, humor and heart. She is the author of Spiritually Single Wives: For Christian Wives Who Share Everything With Their Husbands…Except Their Faith. Get to know Chris at or on Facebook  or on Instagram @azchrismoss.