“MOMcon” First Timer

Genevieve Barry

To say MOMCon changed this mama heart of mine would be an understatement. And a hurricane wasn’t going to stop me and many other moms from getting there. As I boarded a plane for the five-hour flight from California to Orlando, I couldn’t help but be excited knowing I was heading over to Disney World to experience my first MOMcon. What I wasn’t expecting was to leave fired up, refreshed and renewed — all the things moms need. And it changed the way I am telling my story.

As a mom who has been dealing with second infertility, I kept my story hidden for over five years. I witnessed my friends have first, second and third babies, and as I shared my joy for them, my heart broke more and more. I kept questioning myself and sometimes God — why is this happening? But listening to Lis Burns say, “Find your mom village, you don’t have to do it alone,” having Katherine Wolf remind me to “preach to your own soul,” and Mandy daring us to “go to the other side where its uncomfortable,”, I knew I couldn’t and shouldn’t deal with second infertility on my own.

On our last evening, while I was dressed up in my MOMcon prom dress, it was God’s providence for me to randomly start talking to another MOMcon attendee from Washington, and I was able to talk about my story without any hesitation. MOMcon is exactly what we need to fuel our souls, and I encourage every MOPS mom to attend. Who knows, you may find the courage to tell your story! 

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