Learning to Love Your Actual Life

The MomCo Staff

Ever have days when you feel like you’re not only burning the candle at both ends, but setting the whole dang thing on fire?  

There’s a better way to live. And we think it’s less about creating a life that you love and more about learning to love your actual life.

Motherhood is filled with moments that test us, tire us, and sometimes make us question if we’re doing it right. But it also gifts us with heartfelt laughter, toothless smiles, and a love that stretches beyond the horizon. Instead of wishing it away or rushing through it, let’s learn how to fall head over heels in love with our actual lives ─ by romanticizing the messy yet magnificent journey of our real motherhood. 

  1. Take Care of Yourself
    Ever heard that old saying, “You can’t pour from an empty cup?” It means that to love your life, you have start by taking care of yourself. Indulge in some luxurious self-care. Binge-watch your favorite series after the kiddos are asleep or enjoy a long bubble bath without guilt. Treat yourself as kindly as you treat your little ones.
  2. Find Your Joy-Triggers:
    Angels singing, and sunshine beaming down might seem like a fairy-tale concept, but there are moments brimming with simple joy right at your fingertips. Maybe it’s the melodious sound of your children laughing, the taste of that first morning coffee, or the joy of catching five uninterrupted minutes to read your book. Hold tight to whatever makes you smile and savor those precious moments.
  3. Embrace the Chaos:
    From finger paint on your new white couch to impromptu mac n’ cheese fights, some days will test your patience. But remember, perfection is overrated, and chaos often creates the best memories. Embrace the motley moments and learn to laugh at life’s hiccups.
  4. Create Meaningful Rituals:
    From Saturday pancake breakfasts to bedtime stories, it’s often the smallest rituals that create the most profound feelings of connection and belonging. Building a routine filled with simple yet meaningful practices can bring structure, stability and a dash of sweetness to your everyday life.
  5. Realize Every Day Isn’t a Highlight Reel:
    This is crucial. Your life isn’t a Pinterest board. Some days will be smooth sailing, others will be a storm. The trick is to ride the waves, both big and small, realizing that real life isn’t a highlight reel. It’s okay to have those “off” days, mama. Remember, diamonds are created under pressure!
  6. Connect and Share:
    No one understands the triumphs and trials of parenting like another parent. Reach out to fellow moms, join networks, and build connections. Sharing experiences with moms who “get it” can add a layer of love and understanding to your life.
  7. Lean into the Lord
    Sometimes life’s whirlwinds can make us forget the simple joy of living. But remember, there’s always a lighthouse in a storm – your faith. Leaning into the Lord can bring a world of comfort and can help rekindle enjoyment in our daily lives. Find solace in prayer, draw strength from scripture, and bask in the peace that comes from trusting in His plan. Connect the ordinary with the divine – watch for His wonders in a child’s laughter or a blooming flower. By intertwining faith with life, you’ll find an inner light shining brightly, guiding you towards a path of peace and joy, even amid the chaos. Rest assured, in this motherhood journey, you are never alone. For the Lord walks beside you, turning even the most mundane moments into meaningful miracles.

By embracing self-love, recognizing joy-triggers, laughing at the chaos, building rituals, accepting that every day isn’t Instagram-perfect, and connecting with others, we can truly fall in love with our actual lives. 

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