From Intimidation to Motivation

MOPS International

You’ve thought about going back to school. You’ve dreamed of graduating with your bachelor’s degree or master’s degree. You want to set an example for your kids so they understand the importance of pursuing higher education. You’ve considered how getting your degree could open new doors and impact your family’s financial future. But then doubts creep in and the thought becomes too intimidating. Perhaps you’re doubting how you could afford school, how you would be able to manage classes in your already busy schedule, or if you can write college papers again? These worries are all too real and common, but they don’t have to be the roadblock that keeps you from achieving your goals.

CCU Online makes it possible for busy moms to go back to school in the midst of raising little ones. With flexible classes, personalized support from faculty and staff, and a community of adult learners, your goals are attainable. And, it’s affordable too with the MOPS member tuition discounts and special scholarship opportunities available to MOPS members and spouses. 

Previous MOPS scholarship winner, Bree Kaufman shares, “I honestly didn’t know if I would ever go to college. My confidence level was pretty low when I left high school and I was just glad to graduate. Taking some time off helped me find my strengths and learn from my weaknesses.” With her young children heading off to school, Bree felt the freedom to explore what God had next for her. She started her degree in Applied Psychology with the goal of ministering through counseling.

With three kids at home, she has found a rhythm to work on school while being present with her family. She says, “It’s so handy having the flexibility to do all my classes wherever, whenever.” She has also found the integration of faith in every aspect of CCU to be encouraging and inspiring, helping her to grow in her own walk with Christ. Bree writes, “During the admissions process, my counselor would frequently end our phone calls by praying over me. In our discussion boards, we have the opportunity to share our testimonies and encourage each other. I expected my instructors to be harsh. Instead, they give compassionate insight to help us improve.”

Going back to school doesn’t have to be intimidating. CCU helps moms like Bree to ease back into classes and advance quickly toward degree completion. So, what’s your motivation? Let this be the year you DECIDE TO RISE and go after your dream.

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