We talk a lot around here about how important, valuable and powerful mothers are. You don’t have to tell us twice that feminine strength and influence are legit. But let’s not forget the impact the men in our lives have on our kiddos too. We’ve all donned unexpected roles on our family teams this year, and now is the time to show dads some love for all they do.  Here’s how you can celebrate Father’s Day.

But first, pray: Prayer has a way of aligning our hearts and opening our minds. Take a moment and pray for wisdom as you consider how to best honor the dads in your life.  

How is he best affirmed? Make Father’s Day about communicating to him that his needs are known, his role is appreciated and he is abundantly more than enough for your family. Learning his love language will help you love him well beyond the holiday.  

Join in the fun: Gather the kids and set out on an adventure together. Shoulder-to-shoulder recreation not only allows for great memories to be made, it also provides stress relief and creates space for easy, no pressure conversation.  

Words have power: This is a great activity for the kids. Write notes listing all the things you love and appreciate most about the father figures in your life. The gift of words can make an impact far beyond any present from the store.    

P.S. We want to acknowledge that many of you might be separated from the fathers in your life by pain, divorce or loss. We are praying for comfort over you. We see you and love you.  

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