Calling Out: Prayers During Quarantine

Holly Dickson-Ramos


Let me be steadfast

for those around me,

a source of stability

in these troubled times.

Anchor me to Your hope

and Your love

so that I

can pull others into Your calm.


Today I pray for those

working long hours,

facing new challenges,

making hard choices;

give them wisdom, strength and comfort.


You are a God who does not slumber or sleep;

You do not grow weary.

As you keep watch over loved ones near and far,

protect them, I pray.

You have always

had the world in Your hands and

today is no different.


I need You.

I trust You.

I wait for You.


This day I place my family, friends and colleagues,

my spiritual leaders and my country’s leaders

in Your hands.



Give me endurance and patience, O Lord,

as days of seclusion stretch into weeks.

May I bear fruit that pleases You

when I am tempted to envy others,

when despair tugs at my spirit,

when fear grips me and

when circumstances make thoughts of recklessness



Empower me

to celebrate the joy of others as if it were my own,

to cling to Your hope always,

to contemplate the comfort Your love brings,

to practice patience when days feel long.


Keep my spirit, soul and body sound and blameless

as I wait for You.


Comfort those who are discouraged today;

birth in Your people a penchant for prayer;

may we cling to that which is good,

steering our eyes and thoughts from darkness.


Keep us pure and devoted to You today and always.




Holly Dickson-Ramos is adjusting to life as a recently unemployed vulnerable person who lives in isolation with her husband and daughter.  She’s spent the last weeks writing a little book of daily prayers – readings for those struggling to find words as they seek God during the pandemic.  Check it out at Calling Out:  Prayers for those in Isolation.