Brave Heart and Shaky Steps

Katie Reid










I made a bucket-list of special things I wanted to do in my lifetime. Each item required a different kind of brave. Make a homemade apple pie called for culinary courage, while adopt a child required a different sort of bravery altogether.

One item on my list, record an album, had been written on my heart for many years. This dream was placed on the back burner as my hands were busy with the everyday duties and delights of motherhood.

After years of waiting, the time finally came for us to begin our adoption journey, but we needed the necessary funds to move forward. I get some of my best thinking done when I run (I mean, jog) and one crisp morning, it became clear it was time to record an album and use the profits towards our adoption. I was ecstatic, two of my dreams were colliding and helping the other come true.

For years these dreams had grown large in my heart. Now the time had come to take the necessary steps to see them through, but my fears threatened to slow or even stop the process.
The “what ifs” welled up:

  • What if no one likes this?
  • What if it’s too much to handle?
  • What if I can’t finish what I’ve started?

And the doubts threatened to drown my resolve:

  • How can you balance all this?
  • Who do you think you are?
  • Aren’t you just a small time woman with big time dreams?

With a brave heart and shaky steps, I pushed through these questions and decided to take the next steps. It was both thrilling and terrifying to put feet to these longings. Unrealistic expectations threatened to sabotage my recording endeavors, until my sister pointed out this truth, “There might be better singers out there, but no one else can offer what you can to this work. It belongs to you because it was written on your heart and from your experience.”

And the same is true for you. No one else can give what you can. No one else can offer the same story that is being written with your family and with your life. You have something unique and valuable to give this world and so do your children. Show them how to be brave. Tell them about your fears as you move forward and try new things.

Bravery is not just a matter of resolve, it requires action. As we moved forward with the adoption process I wrote the following poem as an expression of what I was feeling at the time. May it encourage you to take that next step in being you, bravely.

Coming Into View

I can feel it, just over the horizon
I can see it, a glimpse of what’s to come
I can taste it, the promised joy’s appearing
I know in my heart that this is the hour

Waited so long for this to happen
and now that it’s here I’m a little scared
But there comes a time when the waiting stops,
and you take that step faith-filled

I can hear it, the sweet applause of heaven
I breathe it in, the fragrance of Your grace
I’m amazed You’ve entrusted this to us
Finally it’s coming into view

Waited so long for this to happen
and now that it’s here I’m a little scared
But there comes a time when the waiting stops,
and you take that step, faith-filled

Take my hand, let’s go
Let’s embrace the unknown
Let’s walk this out, not looking back
Finally, it’s coming into view.

Katie M. Reid is a wife and mom of four children (ages 2-11 years). She fumbles to receive and extend grace in everyday moments. Katie blogs at and is a contributing writer for