Advent Devotional 2020

MOPS International
The true light that gives light to everyone was coming into the world.
John 1:9 (NIV)

We’ve created this space for you as an intentional experience to enhance the spirituality of this Christmas season. We hope you’ll walk alongside us for the four weeks prior to Christmas as we journey to remember Jesus’ coming and prepare our hearts and minds to reflect on His birth. This Advent experience is for anyone who desires to connect with God and to come back to the true meaning of Christmas.


Dear friend,

For nearly 50 years God has used MOPS to set the stage for hundreds of thousands of moms to experience heartfelt community, the love and
acceptance of Jesus, and his message of hope and peace on the journey of motherhood.

We have a lot to be grateful for! This year, God has invited MOPS to stand beside young moms around the world through new bi-weekly online and in-person gatherings, leadership training, and mentoring support. Thanks to these new offerings, MOPS has seen momentous growth and has been able to expand our reach to serve working moms, moms of children with special needs, blended families and Spanish-speaking moms. God is continuing to provide each family hope, love, joy and peace found in  relationship with Jesus Christ!

During these times, we are relying on each other. We need a listening ear, a prayer from a mentor or friend, and to know there’s a place where we can exchange a knowing look and find acceptance and support. We see you. We see you standing in the gap on behalf of each other. We see you cheering each other on. We see you simply being present when the moment invites it. Thank you.

You’re moms, brilliant in every way. You’re leaders and mentors shining brightly. You know what it is to give … and then give even more. You understand demonstrative love and are changing the world every day in a thousand ways. Thank you.

MOPS will continue to meet the needs of moms. We will boldly step into all we’ve been invited into on behalf of moms, children and families in the U.S. and around the world, in over 69 countries!

We are offering an invitation to each of you as well. Will you take a step and consider a Christmas financial gift to support the continued efforts of MOPS? We hope you’ll join us in this energizing, momentum-gaining, and life-transforming work of bringing the message of Jesus to even more homes around the world.

or text LIGHT to (202) 858-1233.

It is not likely much will go untouched by the pandemic, and Christmas 2020 is no exception. Yet, in the midst, you’re invited to turn down the lights, play some music, read this Advent devotional each week. Light the candles and come back again to the true meaning of Christmas.

We are grateful for you and your consideration of a gift during this season!

Love, MOPS