One thing we know for a fact is that when one mom hurts, we all hurt. Our mama bear instinct to protect and comfort means we collectively feel a guttural loss as a result of the senseless violence we witnessed yesterday. As an organization, we offer our love and prayers to the parents, educators, students and first responders in Parkland Florida. In addition to that, we commit to be a community of moms who are dedicated to mental health awareness and support. We commit to educate our kids about speaking up when they feel unsafe. We will get involved in local government on behalf of our collective children, and we will spread love so radically that no child falls through the cracks; because we are in this together and it is becoming apparent that it is up to us. Rise up warrior mamas, may we be a gutsy generation of women who say “enough is enough.” This is our moment to join hands and use our influence as never before.