5 Tips to Survive Winter Break With Your Kiddos

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How to survive winter break with your kiddos:

Let’s keep it real. When winter break arrives, we are SO excited to slow down, enjoy our kids, and create long-lasting memories. Even the sanest parent by day 2 has developed a little twitch from the irrational meltdowns and kids running through the house. Here’s how to enjoy the holidays without feeling like you want to yell, “Bah humbug!”:

Break up the school break: Alternate the break with chill days at home with scheduled playdates or excursions. Download this amazing app to discover things to do with your kids in seconds, anytime & anywhere. Here’s a list of ideas to look up on the app!

Ask for help: Schedule time for YOU. No this is not selfish. Reach out to family members, hire a sitter, or if none of those are a reality, do a mom swap. Watch your friend’s kiddos one day, then she can swap and return the favor for you. Check out local parent groups on Facebook, care.com, or good, old-fashioned word of mouth for sitters.

Be prepared: Set yourself up for success! Allow for TV time but be prepared with supplies and ideas so you can direct your kid’s attention in a positive way. Check out this resource, it’s full of great ideas. You DO NOT have to be Pinterest mom. Even if you threw a bunch of craft stuff on a table, you’d be surprised at your kid’s creativity.

Start some traditions: Don’t let the break just be a “break.” Think about something you want to incorporate into your family traditions to make it meaningful and memorable. Include your kids in the conversation and start a lifelong tradition in your home. .

Make a date: If you’re juggling work with kids while on break, pick one day for a breakfast or lunch date with them. Even just a 30-minute breakfast at a bagel shop or lunch at a fast food joint will make your kids feel special, and help squash your mom guilt.


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